Post-Graduate Students


PhD students

Hsiang-Wei (Willy) Wang Cyclic voltammetry for the real time assessment of antioxidant status in patients with acute and critical illnesses
Peter Russell The Role and Treatment of Oedema and Lymphatic Dysfunction in Critical Illness
Victor Eduardo Maldonado Zimbrón Human Lymph and Critical Illness
Joni White The use of eukaryotic extracellular vesicles for communication to the resident and pathogenic microbiome
Varsha Asrani Developing a Gut Dysfunction Scoring Tool in Critical Illness
Hossein Jahedi Targeting pancreatic tumour stroma to improve efficacy of chemo- and immuno-therapeutic agents
Kevin Kasim Novel Antibody-Drug Conjugate Systems for Effective Treatment of Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor 2-Positive Breast Cancer Patients
Gayl Humphrey Diagnosis of paediatric gastric disorders
Tim Wang Mechanisms of post-operative gastric dysfunction
Chen Liu Chyme reinfusion for improving ileostomy care
Tony Milne Improving care in post-operative ileus
Sean Seo Mechanisms of post-operative ileus
Cameron Wells Novel devices for monitoring post-operative gut recovery
Kylie Russell Pancreatic Exocrine Insufficiency: Advancing Diagnosis and Treatment
Sang Ho Kim  
Phillip Chow  
Parastoo Rahdar  
Odette Hart  
Kai Saw  


Masters students

Raymon Velivolu A method of assessing peripheral lymphatic function
Corey Bell Tissue inflammation in critical illness
Samuel Robertson BSGM of sleeve gastrectomy and GORD
Shahed Yassaie 3D peritoneal cavity reconstruction from MR (F&P)
Matt Morreau  
Sasha Goldberg  
Henry Cahill  


BSc (Hons) students

Suzie Chan Albumin-binding peptides for Lymphatic Imaging
Muayad El-Khamyani Retrograde slow wave activity in functional dyspepsia
Caroline Lyons