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Surgical Design Studio has a suite of technologies which recently received ‘Best translational research project’ and ‘Peoples’ Choice’ awards from the national MedTech Centre of Research Excellence.  It is also the first New Zealand company to be awarded ‘Breakthrough Device Designation’ from the FDA in the United States.  (SDS is currently being rebranded as the “The Insides Company”)


Alimetry Ltd

Alimetry is a new spin-out company from the Surgical Engineering Laboratory, and founded in 2019. The support of Return on Science (Auckland UniServices Ltd), New Zealand Venture Fund, Callaghan Innovation and a private manufacturer/investor have provide the funding for Alimetry to develop its first product. Alimetry is currently incubating in the Auckland Bioengineering Institute.

Apercure Surgical Ltd

Apercure is new company that provides a vehicle for the commercialization of a surgical drain retention device and other drain related products. This has grown out of a ‘Smart Ideas’ grant from the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment, and is funded by Return on Science (Auckland UniServices Ltd), ART funding (MedTech Centre of Research Excellence) and Callaghan Innovation.