The Insides Company is a medical device company that manufactures therapeutic chyme reinfusion solutions for patients recovering from colorectal surgery and complex intestinal diseases, including intestinal failure.  

Founded in 2017, The Insides Company is a spin-out from the University of Auckland, Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, with support from UniServices and the MedTech CoRE. 

The Insides Company’s first product, The InsidesTM System, is commercially available in Europe, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand after being CE marked, and registered with MedSafe.

Alimetry is a new spin-out company from the Surgical Engineering Laboratory, and founded in 2019. The support of Return on Science (Auckland UniServices Ltd), New Zealand Venture Fund, Callaghan Innovation and a private manufacturer/investor have provide the funding for Alimetry to develop its first product. Alimetry is currently incubating in the Auckland Bioengineering Institute.

FlexiMap provides flexible multi-channel electrical mapping solutions for gastroenterology and cardiology research. FlexiMap was founded with the vision to advance physiological solutions, in order to improve the applications of high-resolution multi-electrode mapping. Our inter-disciplinary team of expert biomedical engineers and clinicians develop innovative products to present electrophysiological solutions for our commercial and research clients. FlexiMap is founded on years of scientific research and development, and our management are leaders in their respective fields who provide strategic vision for our company and clients.

Apercure Surgical developed out of an innovative medical device design studio at the University of Auckland. We work to maximise our impact on clinicians and patients alike by taking on widespread problems in daily practise, then rapidly prototyping and testing to find simple and effective solutions. We aim to bridge the gap between the clinical environment and engineering experience and are predominantly focused in the realm of surgical medicine and interventions. We are currently working on improving patient and clinician experiences with radiological and surgical drains.

Face touching is an important component of the SARS-CoV-19 infection process.  In response to the pandemic, Elbaware Ltd, a spinout company from the  STaR Centre and MedTech CoRE, has developed a comfortable, low-cost, smart elbow sleeve that uses a vibration alert to warn of an imminent face-touching event. This haptic feedback is triggered by elbow movement to increase awareness and thereby promote a change in behaviour. Reducing the frequency of face touching will decrease the risk of hand-to-face viral transmission. The innovation uses a combination of proximity sensing and software algorithms to define a specific ‘non-touch’ zone. The product addresses the only public health measure for which a solution is not currently available. Because it contributes to prevention and control of infection transmission, it is best considered an addition to personal protective equipment (PPE) for those at risk.  This includes all those in high public service roles, including workers in shops, public transportation, health care facilities, and border control, as well as those at increased health risk, the elderly, Maori and Pasifika. User testing demonstrates acceptability and efficacy. A provisional patent has been filed and planning for scaled manufacturing and distribution are well advanced. The product will be useful for other infectious diseases and compulsive disorders.