Anthony Phillips and John Windsor were invited to give presentations and participate in the Research Consensus Panel sponsored by the Society of Interventional Radiology Foundation on the topic of “Lymphatics Imaging and Interventions”. This took place on February 21 in Washington DC.

Professor Phillips presented on the topic of the ‘Anatomy and function of the thoracic duct lympho-venous junction’ which stems from the collaborative work with Lomani O’Hagan (Honours student) and Dr Ali MIrjalili in the Department of Anatomy and Radiology, Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, University of Auckland. Professor Windsor presented on the topic of ‘Gut-lymph toxicity and the rationale for therapeutic intervention’ which stems from collaborative work with Professor Itkin (University of Pennsylvania) and Dr Natalie Trevaskis (Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences).

These presentations were very well received and directly contributed to the ranking of the most urgent research priorities in this field. A publication of the proceedings of this meeting is planned for the journal of  ‘Lymphatic Research and Biology’.