STaR Center would like to congratulate Dr Rebekah Jaung! 

Dr Jaung successfully defended her doctoral thesis, “Studies on the Pathophysiology, Risk Factors and Management of Diverticular Disease,” in September 2020. Dr Jaung was supervised by STaR Centre’s Ian Bissett. She also completed her Masters of Public Health this year.

She is currently an advanced trainee with the New Zealand College of Public Health Medicine, working at the Auckland Regional Public Health Service. Her research interests include health equity, racism as a determinant of health, evidence-based medicine and health communication.

One of the highlights of her work with the Department of Surgery was co-ordinating the STAND (Selective Treatment with Antibiotics for Non-complicated Diverticulitis) Study, the first placebo-controlled, randomised trial of antibiotics in the management of uncomplicated diverticulitis. She is still involved with research projects generated by her thesis and hopes to bring public health expertise to future collaborations with the Department.

Dr Jaung’s work was kindly supported by AMRF.