A/Prof Greg O’Grady, STaR Centre Director of the Surgical Engineering Lab, and his Medtech startup Alimetry team have something new to celebrate – Alimetry has met its CE Mark milestone for their wearable sensor that measures electrical activity in the gut to help better understand and diagnose gastric dysfunction.

This CE Mark regulatory approval is needed for medical devices to be sold in the EU, and effectively expedites the regulatory approvals required from other countries such as NZ and Australia.

The NBR has published a great article about the impressive history of Alimetry and this latest regulatory milestone. There is also supporting audio of an interview with Alimetry’s Greg O’Grady (Co-founder and CEO) and Armen Gharibans (Co-founder and CTO).

Read the NBR article here: NZ-made sensor for diagnosing gut ailments gets EU tick [Note that if you don’t have a subscription to NBR you should still be able to access this article via an option to register to view one article per day]