The current Covid-19 infection pandemic is requiring prolonged ventilation support in many patients. We have repurposed a drug that is expected to reduce lung injury in these clinical circumstances. This study will provide key initial experimental data for this indication and will support a decision to re-manufacture the drug and use it in a Covid-19 clinical trial.

The Health Research Council has funded the project as part of the ‘2020 Covid-19 and Emerging Infectious Diseases Grant Call’. The project is led by Professor Anthony Phillips from the School of Biological Sciences and Surgical and Translational Research Centre. It is built on collaborative research currently being done by Department of Surgery, School of Biological Sciences and FMHS researchers for developing drugs to treat organ failure in critical illness. Others in the team are Dr John Taylor (SBS), Prof Colin Green (FMHS), Dr Kevin Stewart (WINTEC), and Dr Lola Mugisho (FMHS).

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